Video games you MUST play before you die

January 4 at 11:23 PM


This fast-paced, action, dating-simulator, story-driven, rogue-like game is basically a masterpiece. It grabs your attention by dropping you straight into simple and satisfying combat and then keeps you coming back for more with a rich and compelling story and a neverending list of things to unlock.
  • Gameplay: 10
  • Art Style: 10
  • Soundtrack: 10
  • Story: 10


An RTS, but not quite like the RTS games you remember. Northgard checks all tranditional strategic elements, such as a research tree, unit management, and resource management, and then paints on it with a rustic, nordic vibe. Each Clan is unique just enough to make each Clan refreshing.
Different Clans have slightly different research trees. Some Clans have unique Warchief units. Some Clans have special units that no other clan have. Some Clans force you to sacrifice your units.
  • Gameplay: 8
  • Art Style: 9
  • Soundtrack: 9
  • Story: 7

League of Legends

League of Legends is 1 of the 2 MOBA games you just shouldn't miss, the obvious other being DOTA 2. A game that has been around this long and is still going strong must be doing something right, and I can genuinely confirm, it really is. There are many things that bring me to love LoL, much more than just the gameplay. As toxic as the community can be in some cases, there are many of my friendships that were built upon the foundation of playing League together.
League of Legends is probably the most vanilla experience you can find when it comes to a MOBA, but it just delivers it so well. Each of the 154 champions bring their own flavour to the game. That's pretty much 5.56e21 (154 x 153 x 152 x ... x 145) different team matchups available. Every game is completely unique and that makes LoL something that is always worth coming back to.
  • Gameplay: 9
  • Art Style: 9
  • Soundtrack: 7
  • Story: 8