What I'm Doing Now

This is a /now page. It lists the things I am currently dedicating my time to.

Building a Game Engine in Ruby

I should probably write a blog post about this...

As a game developer newbie, I wanted to use a language I'm familiar with to prototype some video game ideas.

I ended up finding Gosu and started building a game engine/toolkit on top of it. It's currently private and still in the early stages. It's functional, but I'm not quite happy with the DX yet.

Here's the inspiration taken from the repo README:

As a Ruby developer, I want a toolset that allows me to prototype games quickly and easily. I want to be able to experiment with game mechanics and ideas without having to worry about the complexities of a full game engine.

It should:

  • Provide a opinionated set of tools to build 2d games in Ruby.
  • Focus on simplicity and ease of experimentation.
  • Provide clear examples and documentation to help new developers get started.
Building a replacement for Active Model Serialziers

Active Model Serializers hasn't been significantly updated in about 7 years now. It's always been my favourite way to handle JSON serialization in Rails.

It's about time I built upon the elegant DSL that AMS set out, but my way.

See the progress at spellbook-technology/transmutation

House hunting outside of London

We're looking for a place to live! London prices are still, indeed, insane.

Raising our baby girl

She's growing up so fast! Children really are a blessing.